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Mixed Animal Veterinary Student externship program

Application Deadline : open

Practice Name: Alpine Animal Hospital, PC

Primary Contact Person: Chuck Maker DVM

Address: 17776 Highway 82

City: Carbondale State: CO Zip: 81623

Country:  USA

Telephone: 970-963-2371

Fax: 970-963-2372

Email: chuckmakerdvm@comcast.net

Website: www.alpinehospital.com

Staffing Number and Tasks: 4 Staff Veterinarians, 1 Intern, 2 Office Staff, 6 techs, 2 vet tech

assistants; 1 FT LA DVM, 3 FT SA DVM

Type of Practice: 40% equine (60 % ambulatory/40% in-house), 60% companion animal

Facilities: 2010 new facility 10,400 square feet.  Medical/Repro/Surgery facility with 4heated stalls and

lameness/treatment areas. The practice is equipped for digital

radiology, ultrasonography,  focused shock wave, thermography, and endoscopy. Surgery suite is

available for simple  and elective procedures (hernias, crypts,

enucleations, splint removal, nervings.) and emergency abdominal surgery.

Number of Interns / Externs currently in Practice: 0

Names of Veterinarians in Practice including any Specialty Qualifications:
Chuck Maker DVM, Chad Roeber DVM, Louise Shuman DVM, Martha Rideout DVM

Equine Case Load: Sport Horses (hunters, jumpers, saddleseat, dressage), Broodmares

(routine, ET, frozen semen), Pleasure Horses

Companion Animal Caseload: restricted to general practice feline canine

Types of Cases (estimated % by system or categories):
Equine: Lameness - 25% Repro - 25% Medicine and Surgery - 15% Routine (wellness, dentistry)

20% Other Pleasure Horse Work - 15%

Companion Animal- 35% wellness - 35% Dentistry and Surgery - 15% Routine (wellness, dentistry )

 20% Other/Nutrition; restricted to dogs and cats

Estimated Breakdown of Daily or Weekly Load:
Caseload will reflect the practice. Work week will vary with the time of the year, averaging 50-55

hours/week. Less time could be spent, but doing so would mean

not availing oneself of the learning opportunities offered.

Philosophy of Externship:

Dentistry, Radiology, Reproduction, Practice Management,

 Client Education, Fluid Therapy, Laboratory, Pediatrics. General Medicine, Ultrasonography, Endoscopy,

Surgery, Ophthalmology, Technical Skills, Lameness,

Shock wave, stem cell, PRP and IRAP lameness therapies. The learning protocol is available upon request.

Prerequisites of Application and Externship:
The applicant will provide a CV and a letter of application that addresses their desire to be involved in

an internship. Three letters from individuals that can attest

to the applicant's skill, work ethic and personality. A visit to or externship at the practice is recommended.

Notification of Acceptance:
BY Mail or Email or phone

Employee Benefits:

Employment Contracts:

Externship Available:

List of Externship Duties in Practice:
1. Learning 2. Radiology 3. Dentistry 4. Assist foal and colic  watch personnel during foaling and

medical and surgical colics. 5. Assist on ambulatory calls. 6. Assist

with in-house medicine, surgery, reproduction as required 7. Partake in Client Education programs

8. Emergency duty assistance

Emergency Duty Requirements:
1. The extern will accompany the on-call doctor for interesting emergencies, but will not have

primary ambulatory emergency duties. In the remaining.  The extern will

be on call for ambulatory/hospitalized cases one to two nights a week and one to weekends a month.

2. The extern will be on duty with emergency colic watch/treatment/

surgery crew as cases dictate.  Small animal intensive care patient care will also be borne by the

intern /externs and  technicians  and senior DVM staff as cases dictate. 

All colic care will be performed by the colic watch crew  ( CVT's, intern and Staff DVM's) at

the direction of Dr. Maker, Roeber, Rideout and Shuman. The extern and

intern  gets to go back to bed if all is doing well. 3. The extern will assist with after

hours treatments as needed for clinic cases. 4. There is emergency surgery performed

at the clinic, and the number of cases that require care through the night varies throughout the year.

Amount of Supervision:
During the program the extern will either be under the direct supervision of a veterinarian

or in lab situations most of the time. The equine and small animal caseload varies

throughout the year and the proportion of large and small animal cases will vary accordingly. 

Externship Salary:                 Term of Employment:.   Variable according to applicants time availability